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With all the complexities involved in a Real Estate transaction it is critical to have tangible skills, reliable resources, relevant marketing and it doesn't hurt to be backed by a reputable brand that has a 98% Customer Satisfaction Rating for 20 + years and counting. Here at Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Centre we believe in putting clients and agents first because without nurturing these relationships we wouldn't have the success rate we do. We are devoted to their success so we can keep the proud momentum going for future generations to continue to deliver and receive the best real estate service known in this generation. We are more than just "numbers", we are what consumers demand & deserve!  #genblue #coldwellbanker #leaveyourmark #coldwellbankertherealestatecentre
Realtors are BUSY! Running your own business commands discipline, proficiency & efficiency and CB The Real Estate Centre gets it! That's why we offer our agents top of the line necessities to be just that. Such as;
  • CB University where there is ongoing/on demand, relevant training from established experts for new or seasoned Realtors.
  • Or maybe you are a fan of the legendary Buffini, well we offer his training in-house as well.
  • Luxury properties are a growing trend, would you like to be a trained and certified Luxury property specialist? We can get you there too. After all, CB is the global leader in luxury property sales. Period. No brand sells more high value properties than us.
Tech tools;
  • innovative, automated, e-cloud based CRM platform 
  • customizeable website (like the one your viewing)
  • self-branded, automated social media marketing (FB, IG , LI, twitter, google)
  • campaigning, follow-ups, action plans, online booking
  • e-doc correspondence, client portals
  • ALL LEAD GENERATING & uploaded to YOUR database!

The discipline comes from feeling confident you are backed by a company that supports you with leads, provides superior entreprenurial tools, encourages and promotes your success professionally and personally. 

There is more to share and questions you might have. So I invite you to book a Discover CBTREC (Coldwell Banker The Real Estate Centre) business meeting. It's a private and confidential place to Q&A, learn more about our offerings, brand and company. Appointments can be done virtually or in person and are approx 20-30 minutes.
We appreciate questions about our competitive commission splits and welcome them during your scheduled business meeting with the Discovery Facilitator. What I can share with you is that, you can expect not to have monthly fees nagging you while you establish your momentum toward success!

Ready to Discover CBTREC
If you're ready to Discover all that CBTREC brings to YOUR table, you can book at your convenience HERE and a facilitator will be in contact to confirm your booking.